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The 4 Pairs of Shoes You Need for Fall

September 18, 2018

The 4 Pairs of Shoes You Need for Fall

As hard as it is to admit, our flip-flop wearing days are numbered and the annual practice of wearing socks 24/7 for five-plus months is about to begin. That is, unless you live in Southern California, Miami, Tucson or the like, in which case you can go revel in your year-round mild temperatures. For the rest of us, fall and the range of weather it brings is nearly here, meaning a footwear refresh is in order.

One shoe doesn’t fit all when it comes to cold weather dressing but luckily, four shoes do. The office, dinner parties, weddings, interviews, football games—no matter what you’ve got planned in the coming months a solid lineup of boots, oxfords and two pairs of sneakers will get you through it all. That is, so long as you know what to look for in each. Shop our recommendations for the top shoes for fall below and make sure to stock your closet accordingly.

The Casual Sneaker

Adidas Originals Campus Shoes ($80,

Everyone needs that one pair of sneakers that they can throw on to walk the dog in, to go to a concert in, to mow the lawn in or to basically spend their entire weekend in. They’re cool but aren’t trying to be and are your go-to comfy kicks. Iconic styles like Converse Chuck 70 High Tops and Vans Old Skools are always good options but if you want to go for something classic that’s not on the feet of every third person you pass on the sidewalk Adidas’ Campus Shoes are a great alternative.

The Form-Meets-Function Boot

The Frye Company Sawyer Chelsea Boots ($362,

Fall can bring with it a number of different types of weather, from crisp sunny days to legitimate blizzards. To make sure you’re prepared for them all opt for a pair of boots that are stylish, versatile and are equipped with decent treads that’ll keep you from slipping on sludge. Leather styles tend to go with anything (from jeans and a t-shirt to trousers and a button-down) no matter if they are lace-ups or slip-ons, meaning you can wear them to the office, out to bars and beyond.

The Workplace Classic

Grenson Bert Cap-Toe Leather Oxford Shoes ($315,

Brogues, oxfords, derby shoes matter which style of leather lace-ups you prefer a pair of them should be in your closet at all times. Chances are you don’t work in an office that requires you to wear such fancy footwear five days a week, but in case of important business meetings or formal dinners these are essential to have on hand.

The Dress Sneaker

Common Projects Original Achilles Leather High-Top Sneakers ($435,

Not much of a boots or brogues guy but still need to get dressed up? There’s a sneaker for that. Comfy lace-ups in leather, vegan leather or the like have become so stylized to the point that wearing them with a suit is not just acceptable, but even stylish. Whether you’re headed to work, a wedding or an interview (well, maybe not one on Wall Street), you can do it comfortably in an upscale sneaker.

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