Watch Band Adjustment Guide

General Tips:

  • Use a flat, open surface, such as a table to set up your workspace.
  • Lay down the towel or cloth on the table to protect your watch from sliding around and to keep the supplies from rolling away.
  • Always work on one half of the watch band at a time.
  • **Important Note**: Removing links can be tedious and frustrating. Use caution with the tools to prevent scratching the watch or band, and if any pieces seem stuck or break in the process, we recommend taking your watch to a local jeweler to have it adjusted professionally. Removing links is generally an inexpensive service to have done professionally; it usually costs less than $20. If you prefer to do-it-yourself at home, carefully follow the steps below.


Step 1: 

Get a small screwdriver & place the band on the recessed counter below. Align the screwdriver with the watch core, and then use a small hammer to tap the screwdriver to push the watch core out.

Step 2

 Use pliers to pull out the watch core so that you can remove the unwanted parts.


Step 3

After all desired links are removed, put the pins back in the pinhole from the same side of the link that you removed them from. The pins fit back in one way, with the tip going in first. Place the watch band back onto the holder and use the flat end of the hammer to gently tap the pins back into place.

Step 4

Try on your watch. It should be somewhat loose, but if the watch can easily turn on your wrist the watch band is too loose.


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