How to Make Sure Your Next Festival is Fire and Not Fyre

March 05, 2019

How to Make Sure Your Next Festival is Fire and Not Fyre

You have seen the documentaries, we all have, so with Music Festival Season swiftly approaching let’s be sure we are prepared for our upcoming festival of choice.

Coachella: April 12-14 and April 19-21 (Indio, CA)

Fortress Festival: April 27-28 (Fort Worth, TX)

Bottlerock: May 24-26 (Napa Valley, CA)

Governors Ball: May 31-June 2 (Randall's Island, NY)

Bonnaroo: June 13-18 (Manchester, TN)

Firefly: June 21-23 (Dover, DE)

No matter if you have general admission or VIP, the following are tried and true festival essentials to help you have a memorable (or not, but that's what pictures are for) experience:

  1. Personal Essentials: SPF, chapstick, tissue/toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and a WATER BOTTLE! Nothing will ruin a festival faster than sun poisoning coupled with dehydration. So much for not looking like a tomato once back in the office.
  2. Appropriate footwear: You don’t know where that grass has been…or what has been on that grass! And how about when it turns into mud? Flip flops are for the beach, so unless your festival is in Thailand, find a comfortable pair of shoes that also have a sturdy toe - not everyone is the graceful dancer you are once entrenched in the Deep House tent. Keep those toes safe!
  3. Layers: Wrap them around your waist, tie them around your head, whatever you need to do, bring them with you! Once the sun goes down you may still feel warm (and really into holding hands), but trust me, your body is lying to you. Bring at least one long-sleeve and one jacket.
  4. Festival Buddy: End of the night (aka: early morning) and everyone wants to go home but no one can find Bryce? If Bryce had a Festival Buddy I bet he/she would know where to find him. Always keep someone in your group abreast of your whereabouts. Make a plan with that buddy of where to meet if/when you lose track of each other while chatting up that girl now known as “Went to High School with Kelly” in your phone.
  5. Portable Charger: Your phone will run out of batteries, oh yes, it will. It will most likely do so at the same time as everyone else’s, so instead of waiting to use the docks provided by the festival (that can also siphon off your private info), bring your own. Another helpful hinter, charge it before you get there.
  6. Advil: Sore muscles to a lingering hangover, Advil is your best friend.
  7. In the realm of self care: Baby wipes, blister blocker, and band aids. You don’t have to be a walking First Aid Kit, but keeping a few of these items with you will come in handy or at least make you a very popular person.
  8. Snacks: They may not sound super appealing when filling your fanny pack the night before, but nuts, dried fruit, or a granola bar here and there can come in handy when the line for that $8 sumptuously-adorned hot dog is taking forever.
  9. A flexible schedule…or better yet, none at all: Engaging your “go with the flow” attitude will prove endlessly helpful. You may not make it to all of your favorite artists but the new ones you run into along the way will make up for it. Spontaneity will be your best friend - no need to micromanage your festival.
  10. Moderation: Know yourself and those around you. Don’t overdo it day 1. Have all the fun you can while keeping it in check and with enough energy to rock out to the headliner on the last night.

TL;DR - Stay hydrated, charged, and warm. Don’t lose yourself (completely) or your friends.

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