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Best Apps to Make Your Life Easier

August 14, 2018

Best Apps to Make Your Life Easier

We live in a world where we can make our lives infinitely easier simply by downloading little square icons onto our cellphones. What a time to be alive, right? Applications are the new secretaries, the new weathermen, the new accountants, the new photographers, the new tour guides—the list goes on. No matter what you need handled, there’s likely an app for it and and while it does feel like we are getting closer to living within an episode of Black Mirror every day, there’s no denying that Venmo, Uber, et cetera have drastically streamlined the way we live. Until a full-on robot revolution occurs, bring on the game-changing tech advancements.

Because we know that it can seem like there’s a hot new app to snag everyday, we rounded up the top five that you should download ASAP. They’ll each majorly simplify your life in one way or another and are the best of their kind out there. Stack your grid with the below apps and watch as your day-to-day motions go more smoothly than ever.


It’s hard enough remembering which one of your three go-to passwords you use for each site or account you login to. But remembering a unique password for every one? That’s impossible. At least it is without the help of 1Password, which just launched in mobile version form. The new app syncs with the existing desktop app to help keep all of your accounts safe by creating and storing a unique secure password for each one of them. All you have to do to access the app is remember a singular password. Totally doable.

Dark Sky

Not all weather apps are created equal—if you still refer to the iPhone Weather app for the day’s forecast then you probably know this all too well. Thanks to its specificity and accuracy, Dark Sky is step above the rest. Rather than providing generalized reports for whichever city or town you’re in like most weather apps, Dark Sky will detect your exact location and provide a hyperlocal report with down-to-the-minute weather predictions. You’ll never get caught empty-handed in a rainstorm again.

Otter Voice Notes

If you’re a journalist or simply prefer to record meetings, lectures, and the like on your phone, this app will make transcribing recordings a breeze. Created by AI Sense, Otter records audio and then translates it into shockingly accurate transcriptions. It’s programmed with speech recognition to learn your voice and also has the power to distinguish between all of the different speakers in the recording. Thanks to Otter, you’ll never have to waste time playing, pausing, and transcribing your way through an important recording again.


Swiftkey makes typing out long messages on tiny phone keyboards painless. A downloadable third-party keyboard, it learns your typing habits over time and provides more accurate autocorrect options and predictions—including words, phrases and emoji—for you to choose from. You’ll be able to enter a whole word with a single tap rather having to type it out letter by letter—imagine how streamlined your writing process will be!


This money-managing app has been a consistent favorite for its easy-to-use interface and ace updates. Mint consolidates all of your financial accounts (including credit cards, loans, banks, investments, and more) into one place and helps you visualise how you’re spending and where you could cut back. Mint can create personalized budgets for you and help you track and pay your bills, meaning feeling confident with money management has never been easier.

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