Our Story

We understand that at the end of the day, you want menswear you can actually wear. You want an outfit that looks as fresh in a bar as it does in an office. You want clothes that are versatile, styles that are always in season. You don’t want gimmicks. You want a high quality product that’s comfortable, stylish, and practical. That’s where we come in.

We had a vision for a menswear line that combined the highest quality design with an eye for style, and an emphasis on comfort. That vision is PX. Since 2000, our team has been creatively designing young men's apparel and accessories. Our line is deeply rooted in the city of Los Angeles; its culture, its landmarks, and most importantly, its people. Because of this, our design team works to imbue the laid back sun-soaked spirit of Southern California into every aspect of our clothing. And while the PX vision hasn’t changed since its inception, it’s definitely grown. PX is now available in boutiques and department stores around the world from North and Central America to Europe, Australia and the Middle East... and we’re growing larger every day. 

"Going Green" has always been a priority for our family run company. We have partnered with factories that also believe in sustainable production or Eco Fashion.  About 70% of our companies products come from factories that have taken efforts to go green. To name a couple, this would include using wind turbines to produce energy and reverse osmosis so water can be reused in the fabric dying process. We are proud to do our part to help improve the environment and have a positive impact on social responsibilities.