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January 09, 2017

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Chillin’ With Canines: The 5 Coolest Places to Take Your Dog

December 25, 2014

Sure, a dog’s life seems pretty sweet, but the fact is that they live the same routine every single day. Eat, play, sleep, eat, sleep, walk—a monotonous lifestyle like that would drive us humans up the wall. Besides, your beloved pup deserves the best, so we’ve listed five awesome public places where you and your canine can chill.

Your local brewery. Breweries are the new hot spot for beer lovers...

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On Our Radar: 5 of Our Favorite DJs

December 17, 2014

Here at PX Clothing, we like to step back every now and then and take a good look at what’s up in the world today. This time, we figured we’d take you into the perpetual party of electronica music and highlight five of the best DJs in the universe. In no particular order…

Skrillex.Once the front man of a touring rock band, this electro-house phenom ditched the rock scene in 2007 to pursue his...

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Motorcycles and the Men Who Made Them Famous

December 02, 2014

The rumble of its engine breathes life into the meaning of “rugged.” A steel life house of raw, unrefined speed and power that thunders down the highway and makes its presence known to all like an ancient conqueror. Wild and unfettered, the motorcycle embodies the true essence of freedom, and those who ride one choose to take life by the handlebars and live loud, fast, and with purpose.


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