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The Hautest Urban Streetwear Fashion Trends of 2013-2014

October 30, 2013

Although urban streetwear fashion steers clear of all the generic fashions of the world doesn't mean that this unique choice of style has no sense of trends because it definitely does. Of course, the trends of urban streetwear are much different than what other style niches offer and that's because this distinctive collaboration of style is about being the unique individual that you are, and allowing your body to be the canvas for your artwork - Your style. Here are the top three trends of Urban streetwear that will last you right to the end 2013 and well throughout the new year ahead of us.

Varsity Inspirations

Pun intended! Old school varsity jackets such as the Wes Jacket are the trendiest item of outerwear in urban streetwear fashion, and with the colder days well ahead of you, it's time to get a grasp on this style. Whether you're a scholarly jock, or a dude who simply wants to take fashion inspiration from your hip hop masters such as T.I. and Kanye West, the old school varsity jackets cater to all tastes within the urban streetwear style. It's time for you to start going through the family's Alumini fashions. Your father could have a hidden gem within his college trunk, or you can just get this urban fashion for men throughout the varsity inspiration that is prominent within the collection, such as the Wes Jacket or Elliot Raglan.

Wicked Details

When it comes to urban style clothing, it is all about the details. The Wes Jacket provides the contrast detail, while the long sleeves such as the Anthony Shirt provide the unique attributes well throughout the denim Chambray and Antique Pearl snaps. Even the casual mens fashion such as the Collin Tee is on point with the urban style clothing due to the original contrast and the idea of the Fake Pocket Print. Ordinary simply isn't a thing when it comes to rocking urban clothing for men. Even the smallest details are impeccable. You can go loud and bold, or minimal and modern... Or fill your wardrobe with both to truly kill the trend. 

Pop Of Colors

There are a variety of ways in which the urban style clothing trends cater to colors. With the Gavin Shorts, you have a hot spark of color that steers you clear of looking like some Average Joe. Or, you can indulge in a pop of colors with contrasts of not so vibrant tones which can be seen in the Wes Jacket.  You don't have to be a color-kind-of-dude to be able to indulge in the urban streetwear fashion trends of 2013-2014. You just need to find menswear that match your idea of the pop of hues, whether you're indulging in dark colors, contrasts or neons. 


There is no need for you to get an entire new wardrobe just because you're heading into the new season. Take these haute trends of 2013- 2014 and switch up your summer wardrobe for something that will suit the chillier days ahead of you. Urban streetwear isn't about shopping the latest fashions. It's about finding style that emphasizes your individuality within pieces that accentuate your streetwear attitude.


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