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Could It Be? Millennials Are The New Generation Of Hippies, But With Better Weed

April 23, 2014

Could It Be? Millennials Are The New Generation Of Hippies, But With Better Weed:

In life there are so many things that you should never change or compromise for others acceptance. When we came across this article we felt the need to share it. To us it brings lots of clarity and closure on questions you asked your self, when your parents tried to tell you how to live your life. 

When your born we feel like your parents don’t always accept you for you with no hidden agenda. If one day you came to your mom and dad and told them Im gay or I want to paint for the rest of my life. Call our generation crazy but I don’t think these are big issues. I think showing your kid or sibling how to take their talent or belief to a different level, so they can make something of them selfs with what they love is what counts.

The article brought us clarity in a sense of how it separated our generation to our parents. It makes you look at you mom or your dad and accept the way they are, even if they cant accept they way you are. It brought up how our parents generation grew up in a somewhat sheltered life and how they can only see things their way at times. So yes they truly do think that their is only one way to live your life, and yes some will try to defy any type of creative approach you take. 

When we told my parents we are going to start a clothing line when we grow up they chuckled. It was almost as if we didn’t exist but now we look back and think, “who’s laughing now?” It shows that our generation likes to do things different but get to the same end. It doesn’t matter how you got there as long as you had fun doing it. 

Do what you Love 

Love what you Do

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