Countries To Rock The Urban Fashion Trends at the Olympics

February 09, 2014

Even if you are totally stoked for the Olympics this year, you likely tuned in to see the opening ceremony - and for many reasons. Not only is it a great show, but it is always fun to root on your country while checking out the urban fashion trends that some of the teams decide to rock the beginning of the games. 


Urban Fashion Trends On Point in Team Australia's Outfits

Although the entire Australian Olympic team isn't participating in the extreme sports of the Olympic Games, it sure looked like it because the urban style fashion was prominent within their opening ceremony uniforms. The athletes were all rocking a killer bomber jacket similar to the Cameron Vest,  a beanie and dark green jeans with a belt. Oh, and you can't forget about the wicked mountain boots they marched in. There is no doubt about it - Team Australia's outfits were all about the sports. The style inspiration was totally taken from the attire that these's athletes are so used to wearing, whether they're flipping a half pipe, racing skiis or flying high on a board. 


Team Canada Rocked Urban Style Fashion

The blanket style jacket is pretty bomb for a variety of reasons, especially specific to the Canadian territories. Just like your own fashion sense, the Olympic outfits were designed to emphasize the personality and characteristics of each specific nation, and the Team Canada designers definitely achieved this. The urban fashion trends rock that extreme sporting element that can be found on the various mountains of the north. That - or they look like the Mounties that patrol them. Who knows? Regardless, they are spectacularThe Connor Jacket offers the same kind of style, without the Mounty-kind-of-appeal. Team Canada's outfit definitely catered to the street and sport style of the trend, making it one of the most practical attires that walked the opening ceremony in Sochi.


The Epitome of Urban Style Fashion Goes to Team USA

You can't deny it - Team USA is the epitome of urban fashion trends within the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. They seriously killed it! Urban style fashion is prominent well throughout the star spangled banner... Literally. The style of the outfit is completely unique and stood out which is what this trend of fashion is all about. Team USA's opening ceremony definitely rocked the street style of the trend which is wicked because who wouldn't want to wear those incredible stars and stripes knitted sweaters all the time, right?


Mens urban clothing, more so than women's, has kind of been the underdog within the fashion industry, which may very well be why the trend is so fantastic. However, having a variety of the countries rock this style trend during one of the biggest, most monumental experiences of their lives just goes to show how far along your street style has come within the industry. 


The most incredible thing is that most of the countries have made their Olympic opening ceremony outfits available for purchase. That - or you can always get something similar from your favorite mens urban clothing store... Distortion!X

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