2014 Clothing Trends of Latest Mens Fashion in Urban Streetwear Style

January 08, 2014

If you don't care about the latest mens fashion talk that is buzzing around the internet, but want to know what kind of 2014 clothing trends you can expect for the new year, then this is the place for you. Let's get to the good stuff and focus on the urban streetwear style trends that are going to be filling the shelves of your favorite stores for the next season - And you know what that means! With Spring right around the corner, you can finally grab your board and enjoy the outdoors again without freezing your arse off. 



Whether you're a vibrant dude who can rock some Hawaiian inspired tees or like to keep your prints to something more minimal, then you will definitely enjoy this urban streetwear style trend. The 2014 Spring season is placing emphasis on prints and is steering clear or anything plain. You can go nuts and all out with the trend, or you can keep it more casual and timeless with shirts like the Mason shirt. The inconsistent stripes on this print T-shirt steers you clear from the preppy look but keeps you on point with the trends in a timeless fashion kind of way. Psst. If you really want to nail this urban streetwear style trend on the head, the print of the upcoming season is floral. Will you dare? Meh. Stick with the stripes and camo.



When it comes down to it (No pun intended), your sneakers are a major part of your lifestyle and wardrobe. Kick your gray, black and white sneakers to the curb because the spring season is bringing color back. Vibrant, colorful kicks are the ones that you will be lacing up for the Spring season. However, be sure to keep the rest of your attire rather neutral when you're rocking some neon shoes. Well, unless you really want to stick out like a sore thumb. Pair them with the navy blue Gavin shorts as opposed to the teal ones.



Now let's get serious. There is no way you're about to go out and get a man-bag to wear across your body. However, chances are that you often sling a backpack on and head to the shore or to the skate park. The urban street wear style trends for Spring are skinning the cows of the world and bringing leather to your backpack styles. Wow. That sounds volatile. The awesome thing about this trend is that you can always skip some corners and get a man-bag that has leather patches on it as opposed to having to empty your holey pockets for a complete leather one. Oh, and there is always pleather if you really want to go there.



Honestly, blazers aren't always that practical for this kind of lifestyle. Luckily, there is an alternative because double breasted blazers are the outerwear trend for spring. Something like the Finn Jacket has a similar style that can be worn casually and formally. So if you are checking out some new boards, you don't have to change your jacket to go out and drink some brews with the boys. 


At the end of the day, if you have no idea what your urban streetwear style is, then no trend is ever going to look good on you. Urban streetwear style is about rocking your creativity on your sleeve. Kill the trends and explore outside of them as well. Here's to warmer weather!

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